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Fluid Dispensing Parts

Aside from our primary product lines, we also provide high-quality fluid dispensing parts that can be used beyond the systems we offer. Stat-a-seal® Dispense Valves are designed to be versatile and come with a variety of optional features depending on the application. With the correct dispense valve comes the elimination of wear, leaking, curing and associate costs. Check out the benefits and optional features below to learn more:



  • Positive on/off material flow
  • Designed specifically for abrasive materials with no moving spool rods in the head
  • No drip, adjustable snuff back
  • Sealed, encased, stainless steel bellows design reduces the number of sealing surfaces
  • Removable manifold gives access to seals
  • Only two dynamic seals
  • Four screws to dismantle manifold for seal replacement
  • Simple, low-maintenance
  • Comes standard with aluminum housing

Optional Features

  • Available in medium and high flow versions
  • Optional aluminum or stainless steel manifold
  • Orifice inserts available for wide ratios
  • Optional trigger assembly available
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Center port catalyst injection manifold available
  • Optional aluminum or plastic mixer nuts


Get in touch with a Fluid Research® consultant for more information on available dispense valve options and choosing the right one for your system and application.


Fluid Dispensing Services

Outstanding fluid dispensing supplies and equipment are only valuable when serviced and installed correctly. We’re here for you, even before we deliver your new system making certain that the build gets kicked off correctly. Partnering with our service team of Fluid Research® experts means you’ll receive:

  • Customized Pre-Installation Inspection: When your machine is ready we perform a 42-point inspection prior to qualifying the system’s performance. Because your system is unique, we’ll personalize the qualification process.
  • Data Maintenance: We maintain baseline data on your system before it leaves our facility, so we can help when help is needed the most.
  • In-House Training: We also offer in-house training tailored for your team members whether it’s for operators, maintenance personnel, supervisors, managers, or production engineers.

We’ll come to you for installation, training, retraining, repairs, maintenance, or modifications. Just have a quick question? Our service champions are just a phone call away. Contact us to learn more:

Phone: 714-258-2350

Fax: 714-352-2134

Email: service@fluidresearch.com