A Leader in Fluid Dispensing Products

Fluid Research® is the engineering innovator defining the future of meter and mixing technology. At Fluid Research® our progressing cavity pump technology and propriety systems deliver the world’s most accurate and reliable metering mix systems for reactive plural component polymers and single component media. From turnkey to custom, simple to complex, we have the epoxy dispensing, silicone dispensing, polyurethane dispensing, and urethane dispensing solution for any application. Our complete line of meter mix and dispense systems offer the ideal solution for any application.

Every Fluid Research® system delivers uncompromising accuracy and longevity. We manage the industry’s widest range of fluid viscosities, from less than 50 cps to more than 1,000,000 cps, while offering superior performance with even the most abrasive fillers and chemically aggressive materials. Our advanced system controls provide the lowest maintenance, leak and drip free dispensing solutions available today. No other pumping methods can equal these standards.


Single Component Systems

Single Component Dispensing Systems

Fluid Research® Single Component Dispensing Systems use progressing cavity pumps for accurate, repeatable and dependable dosing.

Multi-Component Systems

Multi Component Precision Dispensing Systems

Fluid Research® Multi Component Precision Dispensing Systems include bench top, workstation and cart mount design to meet your unique needs.

PC Pump Technology

Progressive Cavity Pumps

Fluid Research® Progressive Cavity Pumps are an accurate and efficient tool for delivering high and low viscosity materials consistently and reliably.

Piston Pump Systems

Piston Pumps

Fluid Research® Piston Pump Systems provide controlled dispensing flow using single-acting reciprocating pistons designed to volumetrically deliver shots of dispensing fluid.



Fluid Research® accessories include top needle, mixer, and disposable metering and mixing brands such as TAH, Ellsworth, Sulzer, and more.