Custom Equipment Design Solutions

Certain applications require custom equipment design solutions to produce the desired result. Fluid Research® provides support and expertise to work with you in understanding the unique needs of your dispensing process.


Expert Dispensing Equipment and Automation Support

As the knowledge leaders in liquid control, the Fluid Research® team has extensive dispensing equipment and automation background with expert engineering sales representatives (ESR) to help determine the best solution for your dispensing requirements.

Working with us ensures you’ll find the right system, accessories and support needed to get the job done.

Learn more about our single component dispensing systems, multi component dispensing systems, agitation material management units and more.

Expert Dispensing Equipment and Automation Support

Non-Standard Equipment Offerings

Our high-quality product lines are designed to handle a variety of industrial resins and liquids.

Aside from standard dispensing systems, Fluid Research® supplies customers with non-standard equipment offerings like versatile gear and piston pump systems.

With background knowledge in uncommon material application parts, our experts can develop a turnkey solution.

FR300 Piston Pump System

ResinLab Edge-Fill Solutions

Partnering with ResinLab technical experts, Fluid Research® offers customized edge-fill solutions.

Adhesives can be an effective way to fill seams, smooth cut edges, and bond elements for a tight seal and clean, finished appearance, often as an alternative to welding.

Cure profiles and viscosity can be tailored to your needs and applied across a wide range of applications such as electronics, medical devices, aerospace, and consumer product assembly.

Edge Filling


To learn more about how the Fluid Research® team can provide custom equipment design solutions for your business, request a quote or contact a representative today.