Fluid Dispensing Technology Videos

Visual demonstration is an excellent way to display how our products operate. Get a behind-the-scenes look with fluid dispensing technology videos designed to showcase the innovation and inner workings of liquid control automation. If you have questions about our videos or would like further information on a product not listed here, contact a Fluid Research® representative to learn more.


Progressing Cavity Pump Working Illustration

Our proprietary progressive cavity pump technology delivers consistent, reliable and precise dispensing. Made in the USA, we offer a variety of styles and models with different features to meet your unique needs. Choosing a Fluid Research® product means operational advantages like continuous flow, variable speeds, low maintenance, few moving parts and no cycle time delays for cavity recharge. The PC pumps can be used for dispensing materials like food products, pastes, thixotropic materials, abrasive filled polymers, cosmetics and more.



Additional Progressing Cavity Pump Resources

With two series (AD & M) and eight different styles, there’s an option for you. Below is additional information on each pump type:

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T-2000HD Multi Component Dispensing System Working Illustration

The T-2000HD Multi Component Dispensing System is an accurate and reliable choice for dispensing two-part thermoset polyurethane resins, epoxies and silicone chemistries. While some chemistries can prove difficult with heating, agitation and degassing requirements, the T-2000HD is equipped to manage these factors all with a low maintenance costs. Available with a wide variety of add-on optional features, customization to fit your unique needs is easy.


Additional Multi Component Dispensing System Resources

While the T-2000HD is a great choice for many applications, Fluid Research® offers a variety of multi component options. Learn more about each system:

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LC50FR Piston Pump System

The Fisnar LC50FR Piston Pump System offered by Fluid Research® is pneumatically powered and available in analog or digital controlled options. The system can be configured to dispense fluids from 1cc to 50cc with varying mix ratios. A high-quality option for dispensing a variety of substrates, LC50FR materials are fed by stainless steel Teflon® lined hoses to the mounted Twinmixer head. Single acting reciprocating pistons volumetrically deliver low to medium viscosity or thixotropic two-part fluid shots.


Additional LC50FR Piston Pump System Resources

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LC120FR Piston Pump System

The Fisnar LC120FR Piston Pump System offered by Fluid Research® includes a parallel driving system that provides accurate and consistent flow characteristic. Available with digital or analog controls, optional features include low and high level proximity sensors, anti-gel purge timer, shot counter/repeater, electric or pneumatic agitators, thermostatically controlled heating and more. The system is ideal for dispensing materials like epoxies, polyurethanes, potting and encapsulation compounds, silicones & RTV’s, structural bonding materials, adhesives and acrylics.


Additional LC120FR Piston Pump System Resources

Check out the LC120FR Piston Pump System product page for more information on features, models and specifications.


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