Pail & Drum Ram Emptying Systems

Fluid Research® Pail & Drum Ram Emptying Systems provide accurate dispensing from barrels, drums and pails in standard and custom sizes of highly viscous and abrasive materials. Our systems utilize progressing cavity pump technology, providing the most efficient dispense possible, with continuous flow, no pulsation, and low shear.

The Pail RAM also increases operating efficiency, saving you time and money. Benefits include:

  • Pump down motion requires minimal downward pressure on the pumped material, resulting in clean and complete container emptying
  • Systems are easily adapted to cartridge filling, robotic dispensing, form in place gaskets or your unique process
  • Volumetric pumping at low discharge pressure creates almost no shear to fluid
  • Positioning guides allow efficient drum or pail changes
  • Low life cycle costs combined with easy serviceability

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Pail Ram Emptying System
Drum Ram Emptying System


Available custom sized containers & standard sizes including: 5 & 55 gallons
Also available in 20, 50 and 200 liter configurations
Low pulsation & level detection
Variable speed control for specified flow rate
Dual pressure pneumatic raising and lowering of pump and follower plate
Integral auto-drop safety valve
Pressure up to 350 psi
1 million cps plus
Variable AC drive
Barrel/drum/pail de-airing valve