Fluid Research® fluid dispensing accessories are designed to provide even, accurate mixing of two-part materials including static mixing retaining nuts and luer lock adapters. Our MS-Series Static Mixing Nozzles are versatile and can be used in a variety of applications with different substrates. Mixing nozzle accessories allow for greater control and customization in your dispensing system. No matter the configuration, Fluid Research® metering & mixing equipment is manufactured from high-quality materials to ensure consistency and accuracy.


MS-Series Static Mixing Nozzles

MS-Series Static Mixing Nozzles
Fluid Research® MS-Series Static Mixing Nozzles attach to both metering & mixing dispensing machines and to dual cartridges. Static mixers provide an even mixing of two-part materials without the hassle of hand mixing. The bell mouth is the material entry end of the nozzle and the part that fits over the metering & mixing machine exit manifold.

Static mixing elements inside the body of the nozzle are manufactured from high grade polyacetal to withstand the higher pressures of metering and mixing machines, and mixer housings are made from polypropylene. Use the table below to find the perfect static mixing nozzle for your application.


 Inside DiameterOutside DiameterMixer LengthElementsVolume
236-30010.197 in (5 mm)0.315 in (8 mm)5.87 in (129 mm)242.3
236-30030.197 in (5 mm)0.315 in (8 mm)7.4 in (188 mm)322.8
236-30040.25 in (6.35 mm)0.394 in (10 mm)7.32 in (186 mm)244.2
236-30050.25 in (6.35 mm)0.394 in (10 mm)9.252 in (235 mm)326.6
236-30060.25 in (6.35 mm)0.413 in (10.5 mm)13.15 in (334 mm)4810
236-30080.315 (8 mm)0.472 in (12 mm)8.78 in (223 mm)248.5
236-30090.315 (8 mm)0.472 in (12 mm)11.3 in (287 mm)3211.5
236-30100.394 in (10 mm)0.551 in (14 mm)10.87 in (276 mm)2416
236-30020.394 in (10 mm)0.551 in (14 mm)13.86 in (352 mm)3223
236-30120.512 in (13 mm)0.669 in (17 mm)11.535 in (293 mm)2427
236-30130.512 in (13 mm)0.669 in (17 mm)14.921 in (379 mm)324.5
236-30110.394-0.315 in (10-8 mm)0.551-0.472 in (14-12 mm)16.102 in (409 mm)12+3219
236-30140.512-0.394 in (13-10 mm)0.669-0.551 in (17-14 mm)19.646 in (499 mm)12+3237.5


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