Agitation Material Management


Why is Agitation Material Management Important?

Agitation Material Management is an important part to your success. Many dispensing problems occur due to poor material handling. Settling of fillers, moisture absorption and viscosity changes cause inaccuracy and poor reliability in traditional dispense systems.

Fluid Research® recognizes that material handling is the least acknowledged critical aspect of your dispense system. If you don’t condition your material properly, you run the risk of air bubbles and inconsistent viscosities, along with settling and separation.


Fluid Research® Agitation Material Management Solutions

Fluid Research® has created systems designed specifically to address material handling issues and provide consistent delivery to your meter, mix and dispense system. Regardless of your material management needs, our custom solutions include highly effective pressurized tanks and proprietary technology. We have the knowledge and experience to prepare your material for the most consistent results anywhere. Discover which Material Management Unit™ (MMU) is the best solution for you:

Standard Material Management Unit

Standard Material Management Units™ (MMU)

Standard Material Management Units™ are highly customizable and able to feature anything needed for an accurate, reliable and repeatable dispense. With benefits like full process controls, reduced energy consumption, continuous process & device feedback, along with plenty of optional add-ons, this is a great system for nearly any application.

NeverEmpty Material Management Units

NeverEmpty Material Management Units™ (MMU)

NeverEmpty Material Management Units™ offers a step up in control while eliminating downtime due to heating, filtration, vacuum degassing and more. Continuous automation allows for uninterrupted product dispensing, helping you meet your goals efficiently. Customize your system with available options like agitation, heating or desiccant drier packages.

Fluid Research® expert consultants are always ready to help assist you in making the right agitation material management choice for your manufacturing needs. Contact us to learn more about how our Material Management Units™ deliver industry-leading material consistency.