Hot Melt DispensingHot Melt Dispensing - Assorted Hot Melts

Fluid Research® positive-displacement, all-electric hot melt dispensing systems are designed to provide the ultimate temperature-controlled thermoplastic delivery and dispensing for industrial applications using pressure sensitive adhesives, contact adhesives, waxes and sealants. Machine options are available for non-adhesive processing applications that require ultra-clean delivery.


Tank Controllers for Hot Melt Positive-Displacement Systems

Rugged heavy-duty, bulk storage dispensing systems with gear-pump technology for use with Hot Melt solids supplied as pellet, brick or flake. Although usually described as bench units, they can also be securely mounted on an optional floor stand. Tank controllers are used either in manually operated dispensing applications with hand-guns and applicator-valves or interfaced to conveyor lines and robots for automation.


Bulk Pail Drum 5 and 55 Gallon Pail Positive-Displacement Systems

Fully automatic, floor-standing gear-pump machines with a unique pail elevator technology. Suitable for high-volume applications and used in high-production, conveyor-fed gantry automation. Constant production cross-over options provide for uninterrupted work flow.


Valve with Robot

Hot Melt Dispenser System


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