Progressive Cavity Pumps

Fluid Research® progressive cavity pumps deliver precise, consistent and reliable dispensing of a wide variety of fluid media. These pumps are included in many of our systems with accurate precision dispensing achieved independent of media viscosity. Each pump exhibits exceptional resistance to abrasive/filled content and chemically aggressive fluids.

Suitable for single or multi-component applications, Fluid Research® pumps are precision-made in the USA, available in two styles and nine models. Operational advantages include: constant volume at variable speeds, continuous flow, few moving parts, low maintenance and no cycle time delays for cavity recharge. Specific design features of progressing cavity pumps provide additional functional benefits. The cavities taper down toward their ends and overlap with their neighbors, essentially eliminating flow pulsation. No flow meter or check valves are required due to the seal design of progressing cavity pumps.

Fluid Research® Progressive Cavity Pump Benefits
  • Smooth, pulsation-free delivery of viscous products
  • Manage filled materials with ease ideal for shear sensitive materials
  • Reversible – no dripping or stringing easy to disassemble, clean and maintain
  • Extremely accurate metered flow
  • Gentle on product self-priming reliable
  • Made in the U.S.A.


Common Fluid Research® Progressive Cavity Pump Materials
  • Abrasive filled polymers
  • Microsphere filled polymers
  • Thixotropic materials
  • Most anaerobic adhesives & sealants
  • Silicones, epoxies, lubricants & polyurethanes
  • Pastes, paints & gels
  • Cosmetics and pharmaceuticals
  • Food products

AD-4-1.5 Progressive Cavity Pump

M-4-6.0 Progressive Cavity Pump

Available Fluid Research® Progressive Cavity Pumps

Pumps are available in either AD Series or M Series, with a variety of different models.