Multi-Component Dispensing Systems

At Fluid Research®, we customize fluid management & dispensing solutions to your needs. Our multi-component dispensing systems integrate proprietary positive displacement pump technology to ensure accuracy and efficiency for low to high volume dispensing. Our family of multi-component fluid management and dispensing products line is comprised of three footprints: bench top, cart mount and workstation.

T-1000 Multi-Component Dispensing System




Bench Top

Bench Top Multi-Component Dispensing Systems are ideal for start-ups or companies with low production rates. They can also be used as a space-saving option with a relatively small footprint.

T-2000HD Multi-Component Dispensing System



Cart Mount

Cart Mount Multi-Component Dispensing Systems are preferred for their mobility in production, or just as a convenient way of moving the system. Fluid Research offers two models depending on your dispensing needs:


T-3000 Multi-Component Dispensing System




Workstation Multi-Component Dispensing Systems are designed to be free standing and to provide a convenient work surface for potting, sealing, or fabrication. This model stands apart with high dispensing program storage and the lowest industry maintenance requirements:


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